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Which Amazon Monitoring Package is Right for me?


(Per Month)


Includes 24/7 Monitoring of:


Product Suppressions

Best Seller Rankings (BSR)

Product Category Changes

Monitor up to 10 ASIN’s

Instant Email & Text Notifications
(up to 1 person)



(Per Month)


Includes all Start-Up
Features +24/7 Monitoring of:

Other Sellers on Your Listing (Leeches)

Negative Reviews as Most Helpful/Recent

Product Keyword Ranking Changes

Product Title Changes

Monitor up to 25 ASIN’s

Instant Email & Text Notifications
(up to 5 people)


(Per Month)


Includes all Premier & Start up
Features + 24/7 Monitoring of:

Changes in Number of Product Reviews

Product Image Changes

Best Seller Badges

Monitor up to 50 ASIN’s

Instant Email & Text Notifications
(up to 10 people)

Amazon Monitoring Packages

24-Hour Amazon Store Surveillance

Whether you’re a seasoned online seller, an Amazon amateur, or somewhere in between, you’ve undoubtedly discovered both the benefits and dangers of doing business on the world’s largest ecommerce platform. Access to millions of eager online shoppers is met with equally eager competition – competition that can turn hostile. From hijacking your listings to employing any number of negative review tactics, malicious merchants can make selling on Amazon as much about proactive defense as it is about turning product.

Beyond the intense, competitive chaos, Amazon’s automated systems often perform spontaneous, unpredictable, and often harmful actions such as suppressing your listings, moving your product categories, or completely changing your keyword-rich titles. Our survey of seasoned sellers reports that such actions have cost them 50-100% of sales and thousands of dollars in a matter of hours… not to mention many sleepless nights of obsessive monitoring.

 24 Hour Amazon Monitoring with AMZAlert

Now, what if you could automate the monitoring process? What if, rather than performing exhaustive and time-consuming checkups on your listings multiple times each day, you could rest assured knowing that if anything were to go wrong, you’d receive an immediate alert?

With AMZAlert, you can stop asking “what-if” and – with your newly available free time – start asking “what now?”

AMZAlert is a simple system that solves the complex Amazon seller problem of monitoring such things as:

  • Buybox/Hijackers
  • Leeches
  • Product Suppressions
  • Negative Review Monitoring
  • Best Seller Badges
  • Best Seller Rankings (BSR)
  • Product Category Changes
  • Product Keyword Ranking Changes
  • Product Title Changes
  • Star Rating Changes

AMZAlert performs thorough Amazon monitoring of up to 50 ASINs every hour. The moment it detects a sudden spike in negative activity, an undesirable change to your optimized Amazon listing, or a product suppression, AMZAlert sends you instant email and text notifications so you can take immediate action to remedy to the situation.

In short, AMZAlert is a proactive approach to minimizing or completely eliminating preventable Amazon sales losses. Request a free 10-day trial of our Amazon Monitoring system today!

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